Warm weather and more sunshine for Bristol this week onwards


After some rainy days in the region, Bristol has been graced with a week of warm temperature and sunshine, and everyone will enjoy yet another week of this weather, according to Met Office forecasters.

Since the beginning of the warm weather this week, people have been going out of their houses to enjoy some time at the beach or going out on a road trip and enjoying the breeze without the worries of rain. Sunglasses are sure to sell this week as there will be more sunshine days with little to no chance of precipitation.

Met Office has been monitoring weather movements in the county, and they are pleased to present their weather forecast for more days of sunshine. Weather reports have predicted the beginning of a warm week starting Thursday, May 23rd, up until the first week of June. Temperature increase, ranging from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, will be expected this week, though continue to expect a slightly chilly morning in some rural areas in the region.

Also, warm seasons would also mean high UV levels and a moderate level of pollen particles in the air. Those allergic to pollen may need to wear face masks to protect themselves from possible allergic attacks.

Friday and Saturday this week has been forecasted to be mostly sunny and warm, so this is the best weekend to spend outside of your house, whether you go to the beach or sip some cold frappe outside your local cafe or bar. However, if you are planning a barbecue party on Sunday, it is better to move it a day earlier for Sunday has been forecasted to be cloudy and breezy, though it will still continue to be a brighter day than it was last week.

For more weather updates, you can continue to tune in to your local news or follow the Met Office’s official social media accounts.


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