Well-Known Pedophile Now Put to Jail After Arrested by Pedophile Hunters in Sting Operation

Parents are always advised to monitor their children's online activities while sexual predators are looming around the Web nowadays.

65-year-old Victor Balfour has been put to jail after being caught in a staged operation after attending a meet-up with “Summer”, a 13-year-old girl’s profile made by vigilant groups working against pedophilia to capture him.

The sting operation went into effect last November 10, 2018 through the efforts of pedophile hunters. Balfour has already been subjected to Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) for previous pedophilia offenses. Nonetheless, he still continued to communicate with the fake profile, Summer, who he had thought was a real girl because of the exchange of photos in their online conversations. Balfour has been sending explicit messages to Summer, which was collected by the group as evidence to put Balfour to jail once and for all. They have decided to meet up and used the meeting date and place to catch this pedophile to have him sentenced.

The defendant’s counsel, Tim Shorter, has explained the Court about his actions, reasoning about loneliness added to his age from having him not allowed to use the internet and having him isolated for so long. For Shorter, Balfour’s actions were just a matter of fantasy and the accused is aware of his actions. This defense is dismissed on the evidence that Balfour did continue to meet up with “Summer”, intending to breach the order he was given on his previous case.

Balfour has already been subjected to the prevention order after having found to possess indecent images of children on his mobile phone. The judge of this Balfour pedophilia case, Recorder Michael Vere-Hodge, had said that Balfour “systemically ignored and lied” about the court order and had him sentenced to serve 32 months in prison for attempting to meet an underage girl despite the prevention order and added 4 months sentence as consequence in his infraction of the suspended sentence. A total of 36 months of penitentiary service is made to order, leading to Balfour locked up in jail for his indecent actions toward underage girls.


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