Wiltshire Council Confident to Face the Year with £13 Million in Reserved Funds


The Council has been earmarking £13 million in reserve for the year to use for emergency responses and operations that might occur in the county. 

Councilor Philip Whitehead, the finance cabinet member, had confirmed the reserved fund, from the annual financial fund of £332 million set to operate for this financial year. He has been confident that the currently reserved fund could level up county expenses and can be designated for use when any fund shortage arises. He had also expressed his contentment on the number of funds left for reserve and also mentioned that the auditors of the council felt the same. The councillor had also questioned some authorities in the region who had large reserves to keep up and avoid the struggles of meeting their annual revenue budgets. He had been confident on the council’s ability to balance the budget with the government expenses every year. The council has not been drilling much on the budget management of the county and had not been worrying much about it as well. Councilor Whitehead had expressed his happiness on how their budget and reserves were balanced to meet with the operations of the local government. 

The local authorities in the nation currently have unearmarked reserves of £3.382 billion. 


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