Wiltshire Council Pays Over £50,000 to drivers for Road Damage


In 2017, Wiltshire Council recorded the filling of 10,586 potholes, 1,961 of which were reported by the road users.

In one year (April 2017 – March 2018), the council has spent about £1,300,000 on repairing potholes and an additional £57,394.36 as compensation to drivers for the damage caused on the roads.

The extreme weather that characterises Wiltshire has contributed to an increased damage on the roads and the council has been deploying its best efforts to improve the prevailing conditions.

According to a spokesman, the approach to the maintenance of the roads has been majorly reactive but over time, the number of repairs carried out annually has reduced.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond indicated that in the 2018 budget, a provision of £420,000,000 would be made available to the county for the repair and maintenance of highways.

Bridget Wayman, a cabinet member for highways in Wiltshire Council, said that the council is committed to improving the state of the roads. An increase in budget allocation for highway maintenance was a welcome development. However, to aid better and specific planning, the council would require additional details on how the funds would be allocated.


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