Wiltshire County Council Renews Contract with Barnardo’s


Wiltshire County Council, the chosen Government body that manages the local services of Wiltshire, renewed a contract to partner with Barnardo’s in running the county’s short breaks and positive activities service. The council has decided to let the charity hub manage the service for three more years since they started in 2010.

Barnardo’s will receive £570,000 to fund the activities of children and young people with special education needs and disabilities.

The children of Barnardo’s get to enjoy an array of activities such as swimming, trampolining, cooking, playing sports, learning music, going to trips to the cinema, and learning arts and crafts.

Additional activities which are included in the new contract are musical workshops during the summer season, and it will lead to occasional performances in front of their families. The activities which are stated in the new contract will soon start on April 1, 2019.

Barnardo’s is a charity group which continues to support children and young people with disabilities around the British mainland. It was founded by Thomas John Barnardo in the year 1866. The group raised and spent funds at around £200 million every year to finance social services that benefit the children and persons with disabilities.

Wiltshire County Council and Barnardo’s will be working closely with Elizabeth House in Salisbury.


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