Wiltshire to Get Cash Boost for Potholes Repair


While talking about the Autumn Budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond promised local authorities £420 million to repair damaged road and tackle potholes.

He said, “Every member of Parliament will testify pot holes are high on the public list of concerns so as autumn takes hold I am making an additional £420m available immediately to local high ways authorities’ bridge repairs and other minor works in this financial year.”

Wiltshire Council has spent £1.3 million on repairing about 15,000 potholes since April 2017, and paid angry drivers a compensation of £33,053.32.

In response to the £420million cash ingestion, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for highways, Bridget Wayman said, “We welcome any announcement of additional government funding being available to improve highways.

“However, we’ll need more details on how the money will be allocated before making specific plans on how it will be spent.

“We are committed to improving highways as much as we can and allocated £24m in our 2017/18 budget for highways and bridge repairs.

“Our increased investment over the last five years has made significant improvements across the county’s network and any additional money will help us to do even more.”

Potholes have become a rampant problem. Several drivers believe that the state of the road has caused damages to their vehicles.


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