Wiltshire’s Major Town Road Traffic Under Scrutiny


Several groups gathered together to provide an extensive study on transport issues and to give more information about the road traffic situation to help residents of the town gain better understanding of the town’s transport systems and concerns.

Councillor Simon McNeill-Ritchie of the Key Evidence Review Board (KERB) reported that the safety of pedestrians has been considered as a major problem in the town’s hotspots, and air quality concerns are becoming chronic in Mason Lane, considered to be one of the worst in Wiltshire.

Bradford, according to him, is a central road network that has been serving wider areas and is the most suggested road to take by online road map systems. This study will help give the town’s traffic better leverage to fully support the social and economic activities in the region. Pedestrian and transport systems are being given further study to help traffic situations in the county become better and more resilient.

Public consultations continue and KERB continues to look for better action plans that can give more relief and aid to the current situations. Drop in sessions are open on January 31 from 7 AM – 8:30 AM at the Youth and Community Centre in Kenneth Gardens. Next consultations will happen next month.