Winter has arrived in Gloucestershire


Following a winter storm in the Southern USA, a cold wave is expected to hit the UK anytime this week. The Met Office and Weather Channel predict the temperatures to plunge below zero in the city of Gloucestershire. The snow forecast hints at light snowfall and sleet throughout the week, starting Monday, January 21.

The temperatures could dip as low as -1o C in the night with the days experiencing a high of somewhere around 5o C. There is a mixed forecast of sleet and snow on different days of the week, with a slight chance of rain on the weekends. With the onset of the northern flow, it is expected to get windier and wetter on Wednesday specifically. The weather will feel considerably frosty and windy from then onwards.

The increasing risk of heavy snowfall in the UK is due to the low pressure linked with bad weather in the USA, which brought severe snowfall in many of its parts, and is fiercely moving eastwards across the Atlantic. Further, Cold airwaves will sweep in from the north-west and there is a possibility of them accumulating at distant lower levels in Scotland, Ireland, and Northern England.

The Meteorological Department issues the following statements:

  • On Saturday, there will be a slow movement of rain, sleet and some snow southwards and eastwards.
  • The conditions on Sunday look quiet with a spell of dry and bright weather. Thereafter, it will be cold and windy mainly with gales possible in the north.
  • Any milder spells will tend to go for a shorter duration, accompanied with longer spells of rain.
  • The northern, central, and eastern areas could experience some rain and snow.
  • The chances of drier and brighter spells are likely less, accompanied by snow showers. However, during such spells, the frost could become much severe.

January looks fairly colder with the temperatures heading downwards from the first week of February. Although this could bring another wave of snow, ice and widespread frost, it is yet uncertain how long this spell could last. Milder and wetter periods are expected to break up this cold spell, especially in the southern UK.