Woman who threatened her own family now sentenced to 12-month jailtime


Truro Crown Court had sentenced Melisa Geach, a 35-year-old resident of Park Gywn in St Stephen to 12 months in prison, and had been called back to court to receive the sentence after failing to attend the previous hearing due to alcohol intoxication. 

Geach has been sent to justice for criminal offenses to her own family members after attempting to stab them with a knife. Whilst the victims were calling for help, Geach had been trying to make her way inside by stabbing the door while shouting her sentiments and her threats to kill them. The incident happened last September 5, 2018, on her auntie’s house. She had been arrested the same day and was brought to trial after the prosecution presented the case to court for possession of dangerous weapon, criminal damage, and affray. 

Judge Simon Carr held the case and heard both sides of the prosecution and mitigation and had decided that Geach’s freedom from the case would surely set her up to fail, given her history on alcoholism and anger mismanagement. Judge Carr added that he had been sympathetic to Geach’s experience. However, he added that the actions done by her had made a psychological impact on the victim’s family. The stabbing alone was a signal that something horrific was about to happen should the police haven’t arrived to restrain her actions and prevented her from committing a heinous crime. 

Judge Carr had accepted the delay of the case and moved the sentence to her continued service in the penitentiary, which she had already served 20 days. The sentence was presented to Geach on February 12, Tuesday, after postponements of previous court trial due to her condition and the extreme weather situation that had happened in the past few weeks. She has been detained and would serve the penitentiary for 12 months on the same prison at HMP Eastwood Park in Falfield Village. 


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