Could he be the next David Beckham with his goal scored from behind the half way line?  Exeter’s Aaron Martin believes he is in the same class. I


In 1996, legendary David Beckham of Manchester United scored a spectacular goal in an EPL (English Premier League) fixture against Wimbledon. It was a well-timed volley taken from just behind his own half way line to catch the Wimbledon goalkeeper napping. Exeter City’s Aaron Martin has a goal that is comparable to Beckham’s.

Exeter City lost their game on Saturday to Forest Green Rovers in a second league derby with Martin’s goal for the Grecian side being rather bizarre. The Grecian side were two goals down after Forest Greene’s side opened scoring with Reece Brown. Brown spun a curler of a shot from outside the 18 yard box that beat the goalkeeper and went into the top far corner of the post. A second goal came to Rovers when Liam Shephard hit a low driving shot into the lower corner of the post.

The game was drawing to a close when Aaron Martin scored a goal from the same position (right wing below the half way line) that Beckham had struck a shot across the field. The ball beat THE goalkeeper. This goal helped create some buzz even though Exeter City lost this top-of-the-table encounter.


David Beckham’s goal and the goal scored by Aaron Martin had the same long distance range (from the half way line).

However, fans have a clear distinction on which had more class. Feedback is Beckham’s strike was superlative with precision and surprise. Aaron Martin’s goal had an initial ‘catch the goalkeeper off guard’ element. It was supposed to be an easy save but turned out to be a messy-goalkeeper-ball-handling error.



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