LETTER: Should Bridgwater Replace Taunton as Somerset’s County Town?


Ian Liddell-Grainger, Bridgwater and West Somerset MP, thinks Bridgwater could replace Taunton as Somerset’s County Town.

In this week’s featured letter, he discussed the recent school visit of a bright young Bridgwater schoolgirl to the Houses of Parliament. He stated that while it was entertaining that she knew the names of Mr Speaker, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Labour Party, it was not pleasant to discover that she didn’t know the County Town of Somerset and assumed it to be Bridgwater:

“But when I asked her what the County Town of Somerset is called she hesitated for a very long time. “Is it Bridgwater?” she asked me, uncertainly.

“I was obliged to tell her the truth and watch a look of complete disappointment sweep across her young face.”

It got him thinking:

“Bridgwater is expanding and becoming more prosperous by the day.

The shops are busy, the big chains are queuing up to get in. There are new offices, new opportunities and new hope in the whole place.

It feels like Somerset’s strong beating heart even if it hasn’t got the title.”

However, he doesn’t think Tauton is the County Town it used to be.

“Taunton will always have its castle and its history. Does it still need – let alone deserve – the status and title of Somerset’s County Town?” He asked.

He is of the opinion that Bridgwater should in fact become Somerset’s county town.

However, that is just Ian Liddell-Grainger’s view. What do you think?

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