New Figures Show a Decline in the Number of Good Schools in Dorset


There has been a decline in the number of good schools in Dorset, according to a report.

Ofsted, which details performances of schools, education, skills and social care providers in England, has released its annual report which showed a six percent decline in the number of Dorset primary schools that were rated outstanding in their last annual report.

Only 70% of secondary schools in Dorset got good reviews this year, indicating a five percent decline in this category; ranking its performance as the second worst in the South West.

In terms of pupil attainment at Key Stage 2, only 60% of pupils met the standard in mathematics, writing and reading, making the county the worst performer in the South West. In pupil attainment at Key Stage 4, however, Dorset performed higher than average.

Schools have been using the Attainment 8 grading system which involves grading students in eight subjects since last year to understand how assessment is done in examinations. The system also checks pupils’ performance from Year 6 till they sit their GCSE Examination.

Dorset scored zero in Progress 8, indicating that it falls within the national average.

Gary Spracklen, the head teacher of Prince of Wales School, Dorchester, implored the members of the community to support their local schools. He said:

“Obviously reading these figures is going to be worrying for Dorset parents but it highlights the need more than ever for everyone to get involved in their school community.

“Schools are in a funding crisis and Dorset schools have been affected more than others. After years of cuts and austerity, it’s going to bite hard. But we can overcome these issues with hard work from the community.

A spokesman representing the Dorset City Council also spoke on how important it was for the county to improve pupils’ performance.


Author: james