The Effect Brexit Could Have on Cornwall


A presentation made to councillors about the work the Cornwall council has been doing in preparation for Brexit gave new information about what the impact could be when the UK leaves the EU. The councillors demanded for more to be done to ensure businesses and workers are prepared ahead of Brexit.

The volume of export to the EU came as a surprise to the councillors and they were particularly concerned about whether enough people were aware of the EU settlement scheme. 55% of all exports from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly go to the EU and that figures from 2016 show that Cornwal exported £298m worth of trade to the EU compared to £271m of imports.

The presentation also highlighted the sectors in Cornwall who could be most at risk due to the level of their export to the EU. Machinery and transport equipment sector makes 17% of its total turnover from the EU, crude materials, inedible, except fuels 23%, chemicals and related products it is 10%, miscellaneous manufactured articles 25% and food and live animals sector 7%.

Another issue raised by the councillors was the issue of seasonal workers and the number of EU migrants who work in the agriculture industry in Cornwall since they form a large percentage of the agricultural workforce. A member of the council, Carl Warom assured that assistance will be provided for workers affected to make an application under the EU settlement scheme.

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