The truth behind Bristol’s housing crisis – what caused it and why is it so bad?


With facts and figures outlined in a recent detailed report; the Bristol’s housing issue, the causes and the extent has been revealed.

The reality of more than 11,000 Bristolians on the council house waiting list and around 120 people sleeping rough every night shows the magnitude of this problem

With average house prices at almost £300,000, average rents of more than £1,000 per month, and not enough social homes built to accommodate the constant need for people to sleep, one might begin to see how complex this problem is for both the city leaders and the affected people.

While Mr. Smith – a cabinet member for housing, Labour council, says that “the council plans to provide 1,300 extra affordable homes over the next two years”, he also added that, “it would be difficult to predict “in any meaningful way” the impact of the extra homes on housing in the city but the increase is “marginal”.

With all of this, Bristol has put down 86 rough sleepers in November 2017, bringing it close to Manchester on 94. There is still an average of 200,284 residential properties in Bristol with only about half occupied because low cost housing options have taken a huge dip in the last 20 years.

In a bid to fix this, the council plans to have 1561 affordable homes over the coming years, and 809 out of those will be have affordable rent. We can only hope that this helps fix this growing issue.

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