This is the reason Cornwall is being told not to panic over Brexit


Cornwall council is claiming the county can cope despite the issues which could affect Cornwall after Brexit – including loss of EU workers, shortages of food and medical supplies, and the fate of our fishing industry.

As the country is presented with uncertainty over Brexit, the leader of Cornwall Council raised the official line ‘Don’t panic’.

When the UK leaves the EU next March, possible short-term problems which have been raised include supermarkets running out of food or lack of medical supplies.

Council leader, Adam Paynter, affirmed he was confident that such issues could be easily avoided and that the incidents were highly unlikely.

Issues that could be faced in the long term include the lack of seasonal workers on farms – who predominantly are from Eastern Europe – and the delivery of a very large portion of the catch from Cornwall’s fishing fleet to countries in the EU.

According to Mr Paynter, we have to realise the amount of risk that Brexit will present and find ways to protect ourselves.

He said that several issues have been on review and that they have been working with the central government to ensure that these issues do not come to pass.

On December 19, in Brussels, issues will be raised by Mr Paynter at a meeting with Michel Barnie, the chief EU Brexit negotiator.

Membership of the Cornwall Council in the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions’ (CPMR) has provided the opportunity. Representatives from Wales will also meet with Mr Barnie.

Mr Paynter said that no one will wake up the morning post-Brexit to meet a seismic change and urged people not to panic.





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