What does Brexit mean to people living in the North Somerset


As the time of the Brexit isn’t till next year, the uncertainty about what will become of the people living in North Somerset becomes a nagging thought for some city councilors and according to The Times in their September report, the uncertainty around Brexit has prompted a fall in net migration in North Somerset.

Considering this, Stephen Barclay has been named the new Brexit Secretary, in place of Dominic Raab in the latest of staff shake-ups as the draft withdrawal agreement for Britain to leave the EU was published.

To take a closer look at the issue at the recent North Somerset council meeting, Councilor Mike proposed that although the Brexit wasn’t set to happen soon, there was still a need to assure the people that they were remembered and help was not out of reach.

In response to this motion, however, Council leader Nigel Ashton called the motion ‘premature’ as at this stage in the Brexit negotiations ‘no one knows exactly what is going to happen’ and Cllr Chris Blades added: “I am very sympathetic, but this is jumping the gun.”

With this, Councilor Mike explained that “Many EU residents are employed locally and pay council tax, they are faced with a huge amount of uncertainty and are worried about it in respect of their children’s education and the support services available to them”

Councilor Canniford, while backing Councilor Mike up further explained that: “A lot of people who will be affected by Brexit, live and work in the town centres of Portishead and Clevedon, they make a massive contribution to our communities.



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