Women can be firefighters too’- Devon fire service keen to attract female staff


Poppy Rothwell, the only female fire fighter in Bovey Tracey has urged women to consider a career in the service. Presently, women make up just five percent of firefighters in Somerset and Devon. The fire service is presently trying to redress the imbalances by encouraging women to consider a career in the service just as their male counterparts.

According to Poppy,

“I think it’s really important that we’ve got a really varied workforce at the station. We have to go through all the same testing that the guys have to go through, there’s no double standards, we don’t get more time or lighter weights or anything

“Sometimes you might presume you’re going to struggle as a female, but I think as long as you’ve got a good level of fitness and you can go to the gym a bit beforehand, don’t be put off because people may say you can’t do it, or you think you can’t do it.

She therefore encouraged women to take on those jobs they think are exclusively reserved for men.

In his contribution, watch manager Chris Boston stated that “There’s no role within the fire service, operational or back room staff, that male and females cannot do together, and why shouldn’t they.

“It’s not just physical fitness and physical strength it’s about mental ability, it’s about understanding what our job is about.

“It’s about caring for the community, caring for the public, understanding what our role is capable of.


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