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Ongoing Updates On A Crash At A Junction in South Bristol

In Bedminster area of South Bristol, a hatchback car in silver was involved in a crash right at the junction of Marksbury and Bedminster...

Dorset Firefighters Responded to a Thatch Fire in Purbeck

A house in Purbeck, a district in Dorset, was ravaged by a thatch fire last April 20. Firefighters were called at around 8:40 pm...

“Foul Play Not Ruled Out”- The Mystery Goes On In Gloucestershire 10 Years After Severed Foot was Found

On March 21, 2009, a couple who had planned on having a picnic at River Severn locates a severed foot inside a training shoe.It...

Ombudsman Demands An Apology from Somerset NHS Trust and Somerset County Council

The Somerset Health Trust and Somerset Council have been directed to offer an apology for causing anguish to a physically challenged lady and her...


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