Bath and North East Somerset seek Residents counsel on Local Plan


Residents are requested to advise on diverse progressive projects which will run through Bath and North East Somerset, consisting the area of transport, construction of contemporary homes and jobs.

The region seek a contemporary Local Plan as a fundamental guide on planning applications up to 2036. The project consists availability of electric vehicle infrastructure, inexpensive homes, the identification of new housing, employment sites and the siting of fast food takeaway.

North Keynsham and South East of Whitchurch are set to both deliver 1,500 and 2,000 contemporary homes including inexpensive homes respectively. The building of a contemporary ‘Garden Community’ on both regions as the project suggests. The project also suggests the availability of electric vehicles, assessment of parking policy, the recommendation of Clean Air Zone in Bath and its relationship with Bath transport strategy with the availability of park and ride. It also consists of a curb on the proximity of fast food location to schools and youth facilities.

A member of the cabinet for Development and Neighbourhoods, Bob Goodman stated the importance of a thorough Local Plan to model the future of Bath and North East Somerset. He went on to list the need of residents giving their counsel and the following milestones of the project which includes preparation of a Draft Plan, allocation of proposed site and policy for developments. He concluded by adding that resident’s opinion in Joint Spatia Plan which could alter the home plans, development across the region and transport plans which would provide infrastructure  for possible future development, were welcomed. From the 12th of November 2018 to the 7th of January 2019 comments on the Local Plan will be accepted.

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