A Recently Found Ghost Ship in the Bristol Channel Sparks Search for a Missing Sailor


A search operation done for a missing yacht owner entered its second day. The boat was seen washed up in the Bristol Channel. This sparked a search and rescue operation. In an interview, the police expressed their worries for the boat’s owner. David Moore, the 43-year-old skipper, was last seen on the Watchet Marina. He left on a Saturday afternoon. After that, no one is able to pinpoint what had happened to him at sea.

After the boat was seen abandoned and washed ashore, an alarm was raised in the area. The boat, named as the “Egotist,” was seen on the shores of the village Berrow in Somerset, just 30 miles away from Bristol.

Together with the HM Coastguard, the Somerset and Avon police set rescue groups to work on this case. The search for David Moore was treated as a missing-person-case. The spokesman of the rescue police groups stated in an interview that they’re working with the HM Coastguard to try and locate Davide Moore more speedily.

To help with this case, the search and rescue group entertained witnesses. One witness mentioned that the Egotist was already abandoned at around 6:30 am. This was observed on Monday, June 3. Another witness also stated that the Egotist left the Watchet Marina in an afternoon. This happened on Saturday, June 1.

For now, the abandoned boat is being recovered in Berrow beach and was bought to the Burnham Sailing Club. Though there are still not enough witnesses and leads at the moment, the rescue team is still working on the case, hoping that they’ll be able to find David Moore.

For now, the police welcome any helpful information. Anyone can extend their help by calling the number 5219122957.


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