Bristol Balloon Fiesta is “Dangerous” a Concerned Citizen Claims


Set to run for four days from August 8-11 this year, the annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta promises a one of a kind experience for more than 100,000 tourists.

Roger Scarrett, a 71-year-old resident of Bower Ashton, is one of the residents who believe in the festival’s importance to the community and its growing visitors. When he realized the inconvenience it is causing to the lives of many people in their neighborhood, Scarrett decided it’s time to speak up. However, despite the concerned resident’s attempts to have their concerns addressed, he claimed that no changes were done and the issues remain unresolved.

In particular, Scarrett and several others in his neighborhood are concerned with the existing travel plan. During the four-day event, Clanage Road, the only road that leads to their neighborhood, is closed, making it difficult for residents to reach their own homes. With the onslaught of festival goers, it would be even more difficult for vehicles to reach someone during emergency situations

To avoid causing any problems, Scarrett suggested relocating the shuttle bus to a more convenient location where a much safer route can be accessed through the property right next to The Ashton pub. Making it a ticketed event could also help limit the number of attendees.

In response, a spokesperson for Bristol Balloon Fiesta stated that they are constantly reviewing their plans to make sure that the event is the best they can offer. This includes finding the most efficient routes for the attendees as well as consulting the local residents to ensure minimal impact during the four-day event. Assuring the public, the organizers are consistently making efforts such as considering alternative solutions and consulting with agencies and local authorities to ensure that these concerns are resolved as soon as possible.


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