Bristol Mayor and Hundreds of Residents Go Against Power Plant Near Nursery in St. Philip’s Marsh


Many residents, including Bristol’s mayor Marvin Rees, have expressed their disapproval towards building a small gas-fired power plant next to a nursery. The people have signed a petition to stop the power plant from being built. The mayor expressed his administration’s disagreement with Conrad Energy’s plans for the reserved electricity station in St. Philip’s Marsh.

As proposed, the plant will be constructed with its three generators and chimney stacks located 90 meters away from St. Philip’s Marsh Nursery and Meriton School for young parents. This has alarmed parents due to the possible effect of smoke and pollution emitted by this plant which can affect the children’s health and safety.

However, council officials are positive that the emissions won’t put to risk the health of the people and suggested having the said project approved by the councilors upon meetup in considering the plans on the 15th of May 2019.

Marvin Rees, who is opposed to the idea, sent a message on Twitter stating how he, alongside his Labor administration, have strongly opposed to this idea and have denied including a power station as part of the plan for city’s future.

The mayor’s words were in unison with the opposition of the power station from locals, Labor and Green councilors, and Bristol MPs Kerry McCarthy and Thangam Debonnaire.

Clive Stevens, Green councilor for Clifton Down and a committee member, will not join the debate or vote, but instead will give a speech about his disapproval for the project. He was one of those who joined the successful campaign in suppressing plans for 48 diesel generators in St. Philip’s Marsh.

Chris Shears, the energy company’s development director, informed the reporting service that the project in building standby power plants helps in producing energy from solar and wind sources. He greatly emphasized that solar and wind are not always stable; hence, the presence of generators to produce energy in case neither of the options can provide one.

By far, over 260 objections have been gathered against the project, emphasizing the potential hazard it may inflict in the society such as air and noise pollution.


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