Chinese Students At the University of Bristol Honoured on Graduation Day


On Saturday, April 13th, about three hundred and thirty students were honoured by Sir Paul Nurse, Chancellor for the University of Bristol, at the Graduation Celebration. Around one thousand graduates attended the event. They were cheered by their friends, students, tutors and family on what was one of the delightful days of their educational career. For the first time, Sir Paul Nurse, who is also a Nobel Prize winner attended the celebration to award the scholars their degrees at this fantastic festival. Speaking at the commemoration, Sir Paul Nurse said he was delighted to be there and to participate in applauding the students’ hard work to obtain the degree.

Chancellor Sir Paul Nurse Hosted the Event

In his speech, the Chancellor gave the students some motivating words of advice as they start the next chapter of their lives. He informed that there is more to learn and comprehend, so they should uphold their curiosity and get excited to attempt new challenges. Nurse further advised the graduates to assist their colleagues, think of humanity and the world, and think of what they can do to help them both. The University of Bristol has made five trips so far to China to hold a graduation festival and claim the success of the scholars. The attendance of the Chancellor marks the highest ranking senior representative from the University at the celebration to date.

Other High-Ranking Personnel Were Also Present

Sir Nurse was accompanied by a high-profile lobby group that consisted of the Vice-Chancellor, the University’s President, Dr Erick Lithander (Pro Vice-Chancellor) and Professor Hugh Brady. A large group of high-ranking academics was also present, providing most of the graduates a chance to celebrate with an affiliate of their faculty. One of the graduates, Yanru Liu, said she was happy and grateful for the opportunity to graduate at her motherland. She was able to attend the most cherished event of her life without having to travel to the University of Bristol.


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