The Collapse Of Probation Services In Bristol


Working Links has been running the rehabilitation services in Bristol. It is one of the largest rehabilitation centres in the South West part of Britain. However, it is in the brink of collapsing according to an announcement last Friday.

How the Ministry of Justice is Responding to the Issue

The ministry has acknowledged taking the necessary measure on the collapse of probation services by the Working Links. Due to this fact, all the services offered by Working Links will now be offered by Seetec Company. Seetec has been offering probation services in Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

According to the Ministry of Justice, all workers and services in progress at Working Links will be transferred to Seetec with immediate effect.

Criticism on CRCs

CRCs and the National Probation Service were created in 2014 in a partial privatization strategy pioneered by Chris Grayling, the former Justice Secretary. The National Probation Service was assigned to deal with high-risk cases, while CRCs were assigned with the rest of the cases.

However, the privatization of the probation services was welcomed with a lot of criticism from the public. Reports released last year were received with a lot of uproars due to many questions arising from the funding of the CRCs. The announcement about the collapse of Working Links has ignited the criticism.

According to a report released by Dame Stacey, some staffs from CRCs were forfeiting to record some of the numbers of cases for commercial reasons. They were rated poorly in an inspection conducted last September.

The staffs were allegedly accused of completing the sentence plan for individuals without meeting them in person. According to Dame, professional ethics must be restored back in the probation sector. To facilitate this, the minister will terminate the contract of the CRCs early next year.

However, three of the CRCs are working effectively and the government has promised to protect them in a move aimed at safeguarding the public.


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