Cornwall Has Maintained the Most Significant Performing Pre-School Tutoring


It is now clear that Cornwall is one of the top performing regions in the south-west region for pre-schooling. The latest figures released by Ofsted reveal about a quarter of the Dutch’s pre-schools, and nurseries were awarded an excellent overall rating at their most recent assessment. It is one of the best rankings in the south-west region and almost doubles the national average. Sally Hawken, a portfolio affiliate for children’s well-being and a cabinet member, said that a lot of effort and commitment is put to obtain such results and that they are proud to work together with several amazing early years’ providers. The figures released also show that ninety-eight per cent of Cornwall’s Ofsted listed nurseries, pre-schools and child-minders are ranked as reliable and exceptional which is above the national average of ninety-five per cent.

Additional Training and Skills are the Main Boosts for the Outstanding Results

The statistics also indicate that for the last five years, the county has experienced progressed improvement since in 2014, the figure for excellent providers stood at eight per cent. This spectacular improvement is due to the dedication of pre-school personnel as they have incorporated training and boosted their skills. Kids between the age of two and four are developing and growing at a swift pace, and it is vital that the learning foundations get set appropriately. The early year’s assessment frequently examines the safeguarding and well-being obligations, developments and provisions of the first year’s foundation phase schooling programme.

Government Subsidised Provision will Contribute to Quality Performance

Sally Hawken said that in the Government’s early years plan, kids from three to four years are entitled to fifteen hours of part-time schooling free of charge in Ofsted registered provision starting from the term after their third birthday. Additionally, some parents or guardians will obtain up to thirty hours of financed early year’s stipulation for their kids. In Cornwall, over three thousand households gain from this additional entitlement provision.


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