Cornwall mayor broke the individual limit on an election rally


A former election competitor to Mayor Bernadette Clement is deliberating to file a formal complaint with the municipality after the mayor acknowledged to dishonouring campaign fund limits in the October’s municipal election.

Clement posted on his Facebook profile, stating that during the election, she used 18,357 dollars from her finance, which is four thousand dollars higher than what contestants were permitted to consume on their campaigns. The mayor said she shared it on Facebook since she wanted to ensure what took place was open and anyone who had queries could access the information they required. When Clement filed her election expenses, it was on the basis on an audited report. Thus, she felt everything was well explained.

Clement defends herself asserting it was an honest mistake

After the mayor discovered her spending limit had breached the amount permitted, she claims she was surprised. She’s arguing her expense was an innocent mistake, founded on a miscommunication with town administrators concerning the new laws started by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs in 2018.

As set out in Ontario’s Municipal Elections Act, when a contestant files a nomination to participate in an election, the municipal clerk should ascertain how much cash a candidate is permitted to spend. The candidate gets to know the amount in a certificate.

How the limit is determined

The method used for this calculation is 7,500 dollars plus 20 cents for every elector eligible to vote. In Cornwall, it amounts to a cap of 14,203.20 dollars. The law also applies the specific limit on individual contributions from the contestant or their spouse of twenty-five thousand dollars. If a city is big enough that participants reach that cap, then the administrator does not have to consider providing certificates. For this scenario, no certificate was given, which is where Clement said the error happened.


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