A Beautiful Spot in Devon Earned A Spot in the UK’s Most Haunted Places


The places on the list are ranked according to how long they have been haunted and the number of paranormal sightings they have had. Making it to the 100th spot is Wistman’s Woods located in Dartmoor.

According to Higgypop.com, the website that made the list of UK’s most haunted places, Wistman’s Woods used to be abundant with ancient woodland 900,000 years ago. However, only a small number of it remains now. It has been a place of Special Scientific Interest since 1964. They say that Wistman’s Woods is what’s left of the ancient forest that once dominated Dartmoor. It has oaks that seem to be between 400 and 500 years old. It has had a lot of stories about the supernatural such as ghosts, druids, and the devil, earning it the image of being a mysterious and haunted place.

Many people describe it as the most haunted place in Dartmoor, according to Legendary Dartmoor. At night, the locals cannot be seen anywhere near it for it is believed that its occupants roam after the sun has set to pick their human victims. It is also believed that druids held their rituals here. It even has a huge boulder that is known as “The Druid’s Stone” or “Buller Stone”.

Moreover, they say that it has become the abode of the devilish “Wisht Hounds”, huge black dogs that hunt around the moor at night for lost souls. They are believed to be led by either the Devil or the “Old Crockern”, a Dartmoor ancient spirit. At the northern edge of it, the Lych Way or the “Way of the Dead”, can be seen. Aside from these, there have also been reports of the ghost of a dog named Jumbo that died in the woods.

All these things, and maybe more, qualified Dartmoor’s Wistman’s Woods to be on the list of the most haunted places in the UK, together with Bodmin Jail in Cornwall and The Lost Gardens.


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