Devon Care Home Fails Inspection


Rosehill Rest Home, a care home in Devon, has had no remarkable improvement.

This is after the care home has failed to improve its facilities and system since the last time the Care Quality Commission (CQG) visited in December 2018. In their last visit, CQG already deemed the care home inadequate after they conducted their inspection, which was prompted by concerns from the local authority safeguarding team. The place was put into special measures.

Last April, six months after the first inspection, inspectors paid the care home another visit, and much to their disappointment, the place only had insignificant improvements. After the first inspection, CQG declared the residents to be unsafe and at risk of “avoidable” harm. That’s still how CQG sees the residents of Rosehill Rest Home after the second inspection. Now, the care home is kept in special measures and is prohibited from accepting more residents.

The report for the latest visit stated that despite the minimal improvements, the care home’s systems and processes in monitoring the service were ineffective and that they were unable to identify areas that were in need of improvement. Also, in the report was how the management did not have clear and designated responsibilities, and how they didn’t share the same vision or idea on how to improve the care home’s service. Other risks were not monitored, recorded, or managed either, despite the staff being aware of some risks, which put the residents at risk of avoidable harm. The inspectors also found a lack of staff on duty, and the ones who work there may not have been all screened properly. Two of the staff members did not undergo pre-employment checks. The report also affirmed how the leadership of the home was still not good enough and lacking in the delivery of high-quality care.

The home is asked to complete an action plan, showing just how they plan to improve and when they plan to start doing it. The final conclusion of the inspection found the home care to still be inadequate and that it shall stay in “special measures.”

Rosehill Rest Home did not give a comment on the matter.


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