Flames stretch seven miles in Devon as firefighters desperately attempt to stop it


Firefighters and other volunteers are urgently engaging twelve dispersed blazes that stretch seven miles to Dartmoor in Devon as more fires wreck the UK. Wild flames have damaged swathes of landscape the length of Britain, with a dozen spreading out before and during the warm Easter holiday.

The fires have struck Scotland, Devon, Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales, Moray, Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, and moors in West Yorkshire. Flames also hit the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. The worst of the blazes in Dartmoor has fires spreading along a three-mile front. In the meantime, helicopters are dousing smouldering moorland mixed with water while homesteads have evacuated, roads shut down, and livestock transferred as blazes threaten.

Fires allegedly started on purpose

Several teams have been working to put down the flames using water jets. Many fires are presumed to have begun when people were carelessly using BBQs as they were having fun in the countryside. However, fire chiefs believe children must have started several of them on purpose. They said that they had anecdotal evidence from local residences to pinpoint off-road motorbikes, youngsters going to the moors, not to have fun but to trigger anti-social behaviour.

Conditions in Devon are quite good as reported by Alan Gilson from Somerset and the Devon Fire and Rescue Service. He said they have around eight teams working on the moor. There are many seats of fire, and the one that’s challenging at present is an approximately three-mile flame front.

The battle with fire continues in surrounding regions

In Greater Manchester, the fire battlers are at five distinct locations on the Penne Moors near Derbyshire and Yorkshire. The groups are also assisting volunteers with the fire in Tintwistle and West Yorkshire as reported by Phil Nelson, the Rescue Service group manager from Greater Manchester. He warned people to be vigilant as they enjoyed the moors.


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