Health and Safety Trial of Devon and Cornwall Officers Proceeds


The legal proceedings for the hearing of Chief Constable Office of Devon and Cornwall will take place soon. The prosecution is anticipated to happen on 15th April 2019 this Monday at Bristol Crown Court.

In 2018, October, Devon and Cornwall police, the office of the chief constable, beseeched guilty to accusations under section 33 and second 3 of the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act. It is in connection to the officers’ use of an urgent response belt to impede Thomas Orchard. It was the first ever culpable appeal on Health and Safety accusations from a police force in association to death in detention. This Newton trial is for the law court to decide if the infringements led to Thomas Orchard’s demise in 2012. A seprate hearing will be provided in May.

Tomas Orchard was in an excellent physical health condition. He was thirty-two years of age, a church caregiver, residing independently in financed accommodation at the time of his passing. He had a history of mental infirmity and diagnosed with schizophrenia. In 2012, 3rd October, Devon and Cornwall police arrested and imprisoned him in Exeter City Center. This arrest was after several reports of his strange and confused behavior.

Later on, Tomas was transported by a police car to Heavitree Road Police Station. As soon as he arrived, further to the severe limb limitations applied, an Emergency Response Belt, designed from a robust, resistant webbing fabric, was engulfed on his face. The response belt lingered on his face as he was lifted face down to a prison cell where he got abandoned on the lockup floor. He was lying down on the cell floor unconscious. Sooner than the police entered again in the compartment, Tomas was in a cardiac arrest. He was taken to a health center in hopes to revive him but was declared dead on 10th October 2012.



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