The Shedden Hall Hotel Fire confirmed to be arson


On the 10th of June, 2019, the Devon and Cornwall police confirmed that according to their thorough investigations, arson is the cause of the fire that destroyed Devon’s historic hotel in Torquay, the Sheddan Hall Hotel.

When the fire broke out, over 50 firefighters arrived at the hotel; however, the building was already in flames which are visible from different floors of the building. The only remnant of the Victorian hotel was its burnt frontage.

Due to the building’s possible collapse after the fire, the road near the hotel is still closed from traffic. The closure starts from Appleby’s to the intersection at St. Lukes Road. This road is one of the main roads used from Torre Abbey seafront going to the town center. Travellers may use the Warren Road and Croft Hill as alternatives.

According to the police spokesperson, the case has been concluded to be arson. He stressed that anybody who can provide any added information may email them at [email protected]. He confirmed that there have been no arrests yet at the moment.

Around 7 AM on the 4th of June, Tuesday, a fire at the Shedden Hall Hotel was reported. According to the reports, there have been no casualties or fatalities from the incident. Even residents from as far as Ellacombe smelt something burning. There were even reports of ash fall near Torre which is already almost a mile away from the hotel.

Across the Bay, an unsettling sight of thick, black smoke coming from the burning building can be seen. The Torbay Council encouraged those who lived nearby to close their doors and windows. The residents of the block of flats situated beside the hotel were evacuated. Later that evening, all of the residents were able to come back to their flats except for one that was located just right next to the building. Over 50 firefighters in 10 fire engines responded at the scene.


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