Dorset Knob Throwing Celebrations Make a Comeback


Thousands of people poured through the entrances at one of Dorset’s wonderful events. The Knob Throwing and Food Festival created a return on 5th May after skipping one year in 2018. The famous party at Kingston Maurward College saw people from all over the country with residents attempting to throw biscuits as far as possible. Other games include knob painting, knob putting, and knob eating. Individuals also queued at various stalls on offer to have a taste and look of some local foods, beverages, and crafts. Georgina Moorhouse, Justine, Liz, and Gary all from Chickerell enjoyed a cocktail under the blue skies at the carnival.

Why the Festival didn’t Take Place in 2018

The visitors were glad that the rain didn’t fall. Children had their faces painted and sneak through an ambulance. There were even a few party merchandises on sale. Criline Beale, a Swanage resident, said she liked watching the various celebrations which happened around the carnival while having some traditional food and drink. In 2018, there would have been an eleventh repetition of the festival, but the relationship between the festival committee and Moores broke down and managers decided to rebuild bridges with the biscuit company instead. Now, coming back after the brief hiatus, this year’s party, which happened from 10 am to 4 pm at the learning institution, is believed to have been the most popular one yet according to the managers.

Party Believed to be Best So Far

Knob Throwing Festival board chairman, Ian Gregory, predicted that in the first hour of the carnival, more than 2,000 visitors had already made their way through the gates. It works better when the weather is beautiful. Luke Rake, head of Kingston Maurward College that hosted the celebrations for the subsequent time, said they were delighted to be hosting the Dorset Knob event for a second time. The college works in a close relationship with the Cattistock parish assembly and committee.



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