Flood Alert Issued for Dorset’s East and West Coasts


Met Office has issued yellow weather alerts on major swaths in the UK, and Environment Agency posted alerts of possible flooding in certain areas, mostly along the coastlines of the Atlantic. 

Residents of the coastal areas along the Dorset region have been alerted for possible flood incidents and higher-than-usual tides that could overflow on the roads and houses situated along the shoreline. Everyone living in those areas was advised to move to a safer place or avoid doing any marine activities that could put lives at stake. The risk of the flood was forecast to take effect on West Bay and Lyme Regis at 8:45 AM up to 10 AM today, February 8. The weather alert on the incoming Storm Erik had brought more regions to emergency preparedness to ensure no lives would be costed in the effects of bad weather, including the rise of tides that would cause flooding in the mentioned areas. 

Storm Erik would bring a south-southwest wind with Force 7 and Force 6 strong winds that could shake up tree branches and fly loose roofing. A forecast rise of the tide of up to 0.5m AOD higher than usual astronomical tide levels can be observed in the said coastal towns, which can cause an overflow of water, especially in coastal roads. It has been advised to steer clear from driving along the coastal roads as of the moment as the weather would bring stronger waves that would make the roads slippery, making the road more dangerous to maneuver. Residents in risky areas were now coordinated by emergency responses to make their way to safer shelters until the bad weather subsides.  

Everyone within these mentioned areas with flood protection equipment was advised to install it now to save themselves from the risks brought by the tide flooding in these coastal areas. More updates on the weather would be posted by Met Office today through their Twitter account, as well as their other social media accounts. 


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