Friends of Trowbridge Park group chairman resigned after council failed on their promises


Sharl Adabashi, the current chairperson of the Friends of Trowbridge Park group, has announced his resignation after the town council had not fulfilled their promises over the use of Trowbridge Park. Mr. Adabashi has served the group for five years before his resignation.

In his letter addressed to the mayor and the chairman of the Neighborhood Services Committee, he expressed his ire over the local government’s use of the park for funfair and community events that are not mindful of the garbage and waste residues it brings. He also criticized the use of diesel fuel that deliberately destroys the flora in the park and the council’s failure to provide a space for the group on the exhibition for the Armed Forces Day free of charge for two years now. He also added that the council has made promises that weren’t kept and has upset everyone in the group.

Mr. Adabashi has been pushing on towards the beautification and the maintenance of Trowbridge Park, in hopes that it would become a destination the county would be proud of. Sadly, in his five years of service, he said none of these have taken shape yet. However, he continued to hope that everything he looked forward to and worked for in the Group would become a reality soon.


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