Gloucestershire cat dealer investigated on customers’ complaints on sold cats being ill or dying


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Tewkesbury Borough Council and are leading the investigation of Ms. Lizzie Scarrott, a pet shop owner and animal dealer in Bishop’s Cleeve, near Cheltenham, after receiving a lot of complaints about her sold kittens that were already sick or dying long before they’re sold.

Ms. Scarrott had denied all these allegations, saying that she took really good care of her kittens and the animals for sale in her pet shop long before they were sent to their new owners. The investigation continues to look further on the possibility that she is selling beyond her license terms as a pet shop operator. She claimed that she had not sold any other animals after the expiry of her license which was last December of 2018. Licensing officers had visited her shop and confirmed that she was no longer selling cats or breeding commercially.

The accusation began when Ms. Vicky Wakelam bought a kitten from Ms. Scarrott and, later on, complained that the said kitten had died, and has infected her other pet cat as well. The news came out two weeks later, and this has put Ms. Scarrott on BBC’s Watchdog program in November of 2018.

Records have shown that she had sold five kittens in 2018 that were reported to have been sick, died, or been put down due to illness.

As of the moment, the case against Ms. Scarrott is currently ongoing, but several petitioners have signed for the voiding of her license to sell due to the said incidents. The petition was made through, and people are strongly wanting her to stop breeding and selling animals. Ms. Scarrott’s application for license renewal has been placed on hold  as the investigation goes on with the local and licensing authorities in the region.


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