Council Denies Allegations on Secretly Selling Land on A Village in Gloucestershire


The heated debate continues over residents of a Gloucestershire village and the Brockworth Parish Council over the notions of selling the land where the local’s Shell Station is located. 

The Council had denied over the allegations on their “secret selling”. However, they have pointed out that they were discussing it on the public consultations wherein everyone in the said residence is invited. They have revealed through it that the possibility of selling Cross Hands Meadow, where the Shell Station is located, was ‘too early’ to discuss and even any actions, including the valuation of the property, have not been taken. The Council had also expressed their apology over the late notice, wherein this notifies the residents of the said village about the consideration of selling the said property. 

The residents of the village had expressed their dismay over the news, saying that the Council has not been attentive, not even listening, at least, to their opinions about the matter. One had even pointed out how the Council resisted the objections of the residents and told them that they could not stop the Council nor deny them of permission to push through the sale. 

The discussions between the Council and the residents were heating up as the Council had presented that the proceeds of the sale of the said property would be used to create a community centre extension, one that had been seen by the residents as shady over the alleged “secret selling” issue currently faced by the Council. However, a rising opinion had challenged the discussions with regard to the use of the said property, given that the land has now been idle for long. The Council has been listening to the raised concerns and is still reviewing further on the property’s use and purpose. 

Currently, the title of the property still belongs to the Brockworth Parish Council. The Council continues to make the discussions open over the use of this property. 


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