Met Office: Snow and Ice Warning in Gloucestershire Extended to 32 Hours


According to the Met Office, there is a possibility of snowfall in the southwest areas of Gloucestershire for up to nine straight hours. The latest forecast warns some snow could be heavy and can cause disruption during rush hours across the county.

Low pressure from the Atlantic will sweep rain from southwest to northeast of UK, from Thursday 1 pm to Friday at 9 pm. As it moves into colder areas, it will turn into sleet and snow, affecting major areas of England and Wales.

Although it’s not expected that a single event of snowfall could last more than 6 hours, we may still see more or less 10-cm of piled up snow on the road, estimated around 2-5-cm thick in Britain and Ireland and 10-15 cm in the Wicklow Mountains and the Brecon Beacons.

Met Office says we can expect rail and air travel to be affected, and some trips could be delayed and cancelled. Access to some roads might also be at risk due to heavy snow, leading to stranded vehicles and travellers. Power outages, causing interruption of mobile reception, may occur especially in rural areas, and schools may declare a suspension of classes to avoid hazards such as impassable roads with black ice.

While the amount of snow is yet to be determined, the Weather Channel warned of severe snow conditions in the central and southern areas of the UK. According to their information, rain and snow are anticipated to move eastward at lower levels of England, Wales, and the Midlands.

An hour-to-hour guide to snowfall is also available, and you can use it to determine the location of impact. A statement from Met’s chief forecaster said: “Snow amounts will vary markedly across England and Wales with many places seeing very little accumulating snow. With cold air in place along with areas of rain and snow icy stretches are likely to form.”



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