Opinions are divided on West England’s transport fund


A new £23 million fund was announced in Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s budget as part of the Transforming Cities fund. The fund is meant to make transportation infrastructure in the UK better. Opinions on the fund are divided in Bristol.

MP for North Bristol, Darren Jones, believes that the fund is not enough to solve the region’s transportation problems.

He said he has been requesting a minimum of £50 million into North Bristol’s infrastructure since 2017, that without sufficient investments in the transport network, the region would face increasing gridlock. Mr Jones is reportedly working on a plan for North Bristol’s transportation and will continue to seek more investment.

Tim Bowles, West of England Mayor, has a positive look on the investment. According to him, they have already allocated funds to start improving the busiest routes which include rail, road, cycling and walking. He claimed that the extra funding will help to speed up the work and improve transport for the residents.

The government has announced a series of transport measures in the autumn budget which includes a £90 million fund to create Future Mobility Areas in the UK. £420million has also been allocated to solve England’s pothole problem.

Business West director of policy, Matt Griffith, says it is too soon to determine if the funding deficit will remain the same. He says requests have been made for more long-term infrastructure to be put in place.

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