Flood Prevention Plan for Somerset to be Reviewed


A plan to review an old flood prevention plan in Somerset will be done in the next few days as the government consults experts in dealing with flood prevention control in the 21st century. The old flood action plan, which was formulated in 2014, was the government’s answer to the series of flooding between the year 2013 to 2014. Part of the action plan was the creation of the Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA), which correlates all flood prevention projects all over Somerset.

In connection to this, the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs or DEFRA has been conferring to all stakeholders with regards to the water management all over the country, which also includes flood prevention programs. The government agency will be examining and analyzing all consultations and will respond in the coming weeks. The review of the flood prevention control will also happen in order to determine if the program still meets the needs of the residents and the whole area of Somerset.

Based on the consultations, the Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) will have a big impact in shaping the flood prevention program of the county. A spokesman of the agency said that changing of the law is necessary for establishing SRA as an authority in flood risk management programs that can work together with other organizations in securing the safety of the local residents and the environment to flooding.

With a yearly budget of about €2.4 million, the SRA needs more to meet the increasing expense of doing related flood control projects. In connection with this, a bill was filed that seeks to grant the SRA more powers and principle that will enable the agency to build a longer flood prevention plan. The bill was already in its second reading in the House of Lords last May 16 and the third reading is expected sooner.


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