Somerset and Wiltshire on Alert on Threat of Rising River Levels


The Environment Agency has issued flood warnings for areas of Somerset and Wiltshire, particularly those in the vicinity of the River Yeo. One specific area cited in danger of flood damages is the village of Over Compton located near Yeovil.

While the water levels at the river have not officially reached the flood stage, the government agency has the urgent need to inform the residents of possible-affected areas through their information service page.

From the Environmental Agency’s portal, it was stated that additional rain affecting the other rivers in the South East areas will be light to people in the town proper but could cause the water levels to rise dangerously within a day or two. The written warning was an implication for caution to be undertaken and to put their safety first.

The issue also brings information to light for Somerset and Wiltshire residents on how rivers behave. For one, when water levels rise, they also take time to subside. So if flooding did not occur, the alert should still hold for safety reasons.

Reported to have already stabilized are the River Yeo area at Pen Mill, the River Wigle at Chetnole, the River Cam at Weston Bamfylde and Barwick Stream, particularly at Stoford. Those in the Semington area have not yet been spared as the floods could reach there, too.

Rainfall will continuously be monitored as well as its effect on the rise and fall of the river levels. While there is currently low rainfall, the weather could change in the following days. It may be especially significant come Friday and Saturday, the 8th and 9th of February. Somerset and Wiltshire are encouraged to keep abreast of the Environment Agency’s issues through their online service page and the news. Their hotlines are also on standby for emergency services.


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