‘Very cold’ Arctic air to hit Somerset’- Met Office weather forecast warns


Met Office warned of ‘Arctic air’ moving across the country southward last weekend.

Met Office forecaster warned that Somerset could experience temperatures as low as 1 or 2 degrees centigrade as Arctic air moves southward across the country and a band of high pressure sits on top of the west of England.  Residents should stoke up the fireplace as Met Office meteorologist says that it is going to feel “very cold”.

According to a spokesman for the Met Office, the South West could experience overnight frosts and ice due to the unseasonably cold temperatures.

Conditions could get much colder as the weekend approaches. This is a marked change from the mild weather the residents have been experiencing this autumn. Cold arctic air will move from the north to the south across the country, and would bring cold conditions to most by the weekend. The hills in the north will be covered with snow, and it is expected that overnight frosts and ice will be seen.

Laura Peterson, the chief meteorologist in Met Office said that strong winds will bring heavy showers in many parts. Hail could be contained in the showers expected to become snow in the high ground, especially Northern Ireland, Scotland, and perhaps northern England. She also predicted that coastal areas that are facing the north will experience the most frequent showers, as more sunshine will be seen elsewhere.

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