Bristol Rovers Win Big In the Checkatrade Trophy


Bristol Rovers stand to earn £60,000 if they win their next match in round two of the Checkatrade trophy.

The Pirates made it to the next round of the tournament after finishing second place with 6 points in Southern Group D. They went through to the knockout stages despite losing to Group leaders Exeter City in their most recent game – a match that had 873 fans in attendance.

The Pirates beat West Ham United U21s 2-0 and Yeovil Town 2-0, both at the Memorial Stadium, before losing 2-0 to Exeter on Tuesday night at St James Park.

The 2017/2018 EFL cup also known as the Checkatrade trophy may not be fans’ favourite, but clubs make good money from it. With a total prize money of £3 million, Clubs are entitled to a participation fee of £20,000 and £10,000 for each win in the group stage.

Bristol Rovers with 2 wins have earned £40,000 from their EFL cup run already this season. With their eyes set on the trophy, they could earn a further £20,000 if they win their next game and £100,000 if they eventually clinch the trophy.

The draw for the next round of the tournament will be broadcast by TalkSPORT 2 live on radio.

Here is a breakdown of the Tournament Prize Money…

Group Stage: £10,000 for a win and £5,000 for a draw

Round Two: £20,000 for a win

Round Three: £40,000 for a win

Quarter Final: £50,000 for a win

Runner-up: £50,000

Winner: £100,000

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