Cheltenham Town Manager, Michael Duff Shares Comments after 2-0 Loss to Oldham Athletic


After losing 2-0 in an eventful match against Oldham Athletic, Micheal Duff, Cheltenham Town Manager, leaves comments in a post-game interview.

A number of events contributed to their loss, from arriving an hour late for the pre-match, being forced to change at the hotel, to Sam Jones being sent off during a key time in the match.

Sharing on how Sam Jones being sent off just before half-time changed the game, he calls the second half an “overriding disappointment.”

He claims that the second half was mostly focused on defending, making it difficult for his team to get ahead when down to ten men. Instead of focusing on the ‘what ifs,’ he calls his team to start making things happen on the pitch, as he claims not enough players are turning up.

Duff says, “I was disappointed with how we used the ball today, rather than the defending side. Even down to 10 men, Scott (Flinders) has made one save and they scored in the 93rd minute, which we keep getting done with. But they weren’t opening us up, even with 10 men, but we have to be better than that with the ball.”

He takes responsibility for improving his side, calling it his job to ensure that the Cheltenham team is better with the ball.

Currently in the bottom two of the league, he shares that the end of the season is what counts. He comments, “There are three-quarters of the season to go, so I have absolute belief in what I do and the players have shown they want to do it as well.”

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