Cirencester Lose 5 Goal Thriller to Gloucester City in Final Minutes of County Cup Match


Cirencester Town were eliminated in the first round of the GFA Senior Challenge Cup with a 2-3 loss to Gloucester City at the Corinium Stadium. Both sides produced an entertaining game full of goals. The visiting side snatched the victory in the final minutes of the encounter.

Cirencester were undoubtedly the better side in the first 45 minutes of the game; stringing passes across the pitch and making attempts at goal in the first 5 minutes, unfortunately, they were unable to score a goal with the first half ending in a stalemate. Gloucester was more of a counter attacking side, looking break Cirencester’s defence but the home defence did well to thwart this strategy.

City broke the jinx four minutes into the second half when Jamie Edge took advantage of a poor clearance by the opposing defence which landed on his feet. Cirencester responded to this with a good strike from Tommy Henderson at the edge of the box. Teammates Whitehead and Connolly came close to scoring just before Henderson’s goal came through.

Cirencester continued in this fashion and almost got the lead after Morris rounded off the goalkeeper, but his shot found the woodwork instead. Not too long and Gloucester midfielder, Jake Mawford, put his side in the lead with a curling finish. The home side would have none of that as Ben Whitehead’s strike found the net three minutes later. This was, however, short-lived as Jake Mawford struck again to get a brace after robbing Ellis Dunton of the ball.

It was a night of goals and entertaining football by the two teams, and though one winner emerged, it was an evenly matched affair.

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