Cornwall Vipers earn gold at broomball championship


This weekend, all attention from Canadian broomball fans was on Cornwall. The 2019 Senior National Broomball Championship took place at the Benson Centre from 10th to 13th April. Diverse teams from Canada came to the Seaway City to contest for the gold medal in their particular divisions. Males, females, and mixed groups at two skill levels participated over the four-day duration. The match was hosted and run by the Cornwall Broomball’s male team, the Valley Laker’s mixed group and the women’s category, the Cornwall Vipers.

Intense preparations contributed to the smooth running of the tournament

Leah Billingham, assistant coach for the Vipers and chair for the organising board, said that thousands of hours were dedicated into the weekend, and a lot of assistance from many residents were focused into the tournament to make it pass. She added that even though she did not have enough sleep for four days, they really enjoyed the event.

Both Cornwall Vipers and Ottawa Nationals succeeded to rank at the top, obtaining their gold medals in the elite category on Saturday. The Nationals defeated the Quebec Patriots 2-0, while the Vipers accomplished to come out victorious in a hard-contested match, finishing 3-2 in overtime versus the defending winners, the Rebels.

The Vipers have undergone rapid development

The hardship that they overcame returning from a 2-0 deficit and winning the second time was unbelievable. Courtney Mac Donald, captain for Vipers team, said that sometimes, they mentally struggle to perform in the game when they are down, which has been a critical learning curve for them this year.

She further added that they had undergone rapid transitions, so this is a real testament to the courage, strength, and capability of their team. She confessed that owing to the closeness of the women’s side, it is difficult to predict who is going to rank at the top. It is the first time the Vipers have earned a gold medal.


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