County Kings Step in for injured duo as Hampshire prepare for Dorset Opener


The League of the South East campaign by the Hampshire was pursued versus Dorset on Sunday even the absence of their regular players.
A rest is being ordered to Tom Robson of Rowlands Castle’s due to his surgery in his armpit to remove a cyst. As for captain Colin Roope, he has opted to rest in the first game due to his struggle with a shoulder injury for the past month.
After calling up the rest of the players which are the winners of Channel Islands and Isle of Wight Amateur Championship in Hampshire which will complete his team which he named as ‘eight-strong’, the Blackmoor man is confident enough in their golfing talents.
Because of the unavailability of Alex Talbot of Stoneham’s, Jordan Sundborg of Shanklin and Sandown together with club- mate Grimes Owen has agreed to fill the rest of the eight players that beat Brokenhurst Manor’s Channel Islands last two weeks.
Alex Talbot had been given the opportunity to visit where he wants and hopes to have a golf scholarship in college in the States this year.
The squad’s recent addition is Sam Parsons of Blackmoor, living in the Portsmouth.
In matches, he has picked up four points out of six so far this season.


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