Crawley Town and Exeter City End Spirited Game in a Draw


Crawley Town draws Exeter City 1-1 in a match after an animated second half.

Being at home in the Broadfield stadium, Crawley initially dominated in possession as their visitors concentrated on counterattacking. The reds tried to obtain space with Morris Young getting many balls down the right hand side.

After experiencing a slow first half, the match between the two teams sped up in the second half of the game, as both teams pushed each other back and forth. Reds’ Filipe Morais scored his second successive home goal at the 61st minute but Lee Holmes of Exeter City equalised less than twelve minutes after the goal was scored, evening out the score.

The match could have favoured any side after the late equaliser, as Romain Vincelot defended against Lee Martin’s goal bound shot off the line, Lewis Young’s attempted cross was pushed out by Christy Pym, and Ashley Nathaniel-George’s effort was ended by the Exeter keeper holding tight to the ball, making him narrowly miss his chance at a winning goal.

The Reds have to settle for a point, after an intense encounter at Broadfield with the currently third-placed Exeter City. The match ended fairly for both sides.

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