Tour of Britain 2020 Cycle Race Showdown Set to Begin in Cornwall


It’s always an honor for your city to host or “accommodate” a major tournament. The economic and social impact is usually tremendous and places the set area on the global map. Such benefits are what Cornwall County is set to enjoy come September 2020 as the Tour of Britain 2020 Cycle Race showdown is set to begin in Cornwall. The 170 km stage will also include Redruth, Falmouth, St Ives, Truro, and the Eden project.

According to the tournament’s organizers, they estimate that 180,000 spectators will embrace the event and as per the independent economic reports, the event is set to generate more than £3m of extra spending within the county. The tour of Britain is set to be broadcasted in 190 countries which gives Cornwall a center stage to showcase its uniqueness to the world. An indication that has been backed up by the leader of Cornwall Council, Mr. Adam Paynter stipulated that Cornwall’s profile will be enhanced both locally and internationally after the expected major event.

The competition will see 120 riders battle it out for the top spot, and all of whom will start in Penzance and finish in Bodmin. The social impact of the tournament towards the County is that it is set to motivate locals and spectators alike to soar high for their goals in life. According to former professional cyclist Chris Opie who hails from Truro, the competition will give the opportunity for people to see the world’s top athletes compete on the toughest event right in front of their doorsteps, enabling them to dream and aim for ambitious goals, a valuable opportunity which could be life-changing for most of them.

The race, which for the first time is passing through Cornwall County, will kick off in September 2020, and it is set to be a major local and international showdown.


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