Defending 3A Champ Somerset Wins over Orlando Christian in Girls Basketball


North Lauderdale Somerset Prep Hurricanes wasted no time in serving notice to opponents that they are ready to defend the crown they won last year in the state championship by annihilating the Orlando Christian Prep 56 – 20 at the FHSAA girls basketball state semi-finals.

While the team only suited 6 players in uniform during the game, this did not stop the team from establishing a comfortable 27-point lead at half-time against the very same team that they defeated in last year’s state championship. The defending champion suited only four freshmen, a sophomore, and a junior player although four of the players have the experience as a member of last year’s championship team.

Head Coach J.R. Mcnabb said that the team’s lack of players was not by design at all. “We’re a very small school. We don’t have a lot of bodies that even come out to try out,” McNabb said. “The people we actually get, it’s about people wanting to play for the program.”

The lack of players, however, did not stop the Hurricanes from scoring 18 straight points while turning a narrow 4-3 lead early in the game to break the game wide open 22-3 early in the second quarter. The score was 34-7 at the half with the defending champion’s suffocating defence holding their opponent to less than 10 points during the half-time buzzer. The defence was evident as the team had forced their opponent to commit 19 turnovers while getting 12 steals at the same time.

The second half was just a mere formality as the team will have the chance to defend the crown it won last year. Michiyah Simmons led the defending champion with 17 points and was supported by freshman Kouthnee Gilbert and Zaria Blake with 13 and 12 points respectively. Siarah Brown led while Orlando Christian Prep had 14 points but did not get much support from her other teammates.

The North Lauderdale Somerset Prep Hurricanes will play for the state championship Tuesday night against the Fort Mayers Canterbury at 7:00 pm.


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