Evaluating Bournemouth Dramatic Early Season Success and How Long It Can Last




Just a few months ago, Bournemouth football play averaged on passable, but not up to the ranks of being a worthy competitor for other big names in football. Yet, today, AFC Bournemouth are currently sixth, level on gained points with United, and only four points away from the Champions League places.

At this early stage of the season, sometimes there will be teams that do much better than expected, competing levelly against the supposed Big Six, and bringing surprise to everyone.

Since 2010, there have been around ten teams who begin the season amazingly. Last year, the early season surprise success was Burnley, two years ago, it was Leicester and West Ham, (with Leicester going on to actually win the League) and three years ago, it was Southampton and West Ham.

Many underdog teams have started the season playing quite good despite the odds, but unfortunately, most teams don’t tend to keep the chase up for a long time. They start good, but revert back to their mean by the end of the season. The one exception to this is Leicester City, who started good, and went on to win the league in the 2015/16 season.

This raises the same questions for Bournemouth, to see if they will follow the trend of many other teams like them who begin the season looking great and playing impressively, but shrink back from the challenge, or become the exception like Leicester.


Even if Bournemouth does not go on to win the league, their initial success does not have to go to waste if they can keep up their early charge playing against other big names, and earn themselves a decent placement at the end of the season.


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